Genuine leather items professionally produced in England

Leather is a wonderful material - it's smell is evocative and it can look so luxurious. In the right hands it can be turned into objects of both beauty and practical use. It is knowing that something I have made in leather can possess both utility and charm simultaneously which really bakes my cookie.

Opening a shop on Etsy to sell pieces of leather I have turned into useful and hopefully, nice looking objects was at the time a leap into the unknown. Making items for local consumption is one thing, but going global is certainly exciting! I like making a wide range of items. If I ever hit upon the 'killer' piece, then I may narrow down a bit, but at the moment, as long as it's leather, looks good and works nicely, I will continue to produce a wide range.

 But if you cannot see something in the shop that you need or want, just ask, as I am more than happy to do custom orders.

take care,


Mike Baldock
owner, maker, designer, curator, Buyer, Photographer, Packer, Despatcher