About Meadowgate Leather  

My Etsy shop has been open since 2013. To begin with, it was filled with a wide range of leather articles I had made, but a chance enquiry about a journal cover altered the look of my shop and the direction my leatherwork.

From that point on I have been creating journal covers of many shapes and colours and still have many more ideas which take longer to come to fruition than one would realise.

There are many sites around the world selling journal covers, with a few in the UK, but not too many who make their items by traditional leather methods, without sewing machines or other mechanical aids. I also like to think that I probably have the widest choice of sizes, colours and free options.

My journal covers are hand cut from the hide, they are dyed by hand with only water-based dyes. They are buffed using the finest elbow grease and polished with the best waxes and balms. If you would like to learn more about the methods used, you may do so, elsewhere on this website.

As for me, I came rather late to working with leather, having spent much of my working life in radio & television and managing one thing or another. A training in photography and radio production set me on that course, but having moved away from London, what could have remained a semi-hobby has morphed into a full-time occupation.