Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to continue asking me questions, however, below I am hoping to provide the answers for those asked of me most often.


Can you make a custom order for me?

The best way of going about this is convo me via my Etsy shop. We can then discuss what you have in mind.

can you stamp initials on my item?

If it is a made-to-order piece, then in the main, the answer is yes. I have two alphabets available; a half-inch high 'Western' style and a 4mm high sans-serif. If the item description says the price includes personalisation, then go ahead and leave me the intials in the 'Notes to Seller' section. For other items, you will need to purchase the Options pack from my shop.

do you charge for stamping initials?

In some cases, yes. This will normally be on larger items. I must confess that hand-stamping initials is a nerve racking job. It can so easily go wrong and spoil the whole piece, meaning that leather goes in the bin and I have to start another piece. So it is not just the time to stamp, but also the jeopardy of spoiling a large piece of leather! If the Etsy item does not say it includes personalisation, then you need to purchase the Options pack.

can you do me the same item in a different colour?

All of my customisable items on Etsy show a colour chart for you to choose from. If you don't see it, please convo me.

which colours do you offer?

Continuing on from above, I have an extensive range of dyes. The most popular are Timber, Evening, Coal and Turquoise. I have many more colours in stock - take a look at my colour chart.

what is vegetable tanned leather?

Vegetable tanned leather, which is sometimes referred to as tooling leather is a hide, usually from a cow which has been processed in a tannery using vegetable matter, often oak bark. It is made using the traditional process. Some tanneries literally still use the traditional method (by hand), whereas the majority use the old process but with machinery used to ease the burden. It is, in my mind, the most hard-wearing leather available for the sort of items I offer.

Why don't you use chrome leather?

Well, it doesn't really suit the items I make. Chromium leather is more the sort of leather that your sofa may be covered. It is not as hardy as the veg tanned leather use either. It is also a little harsh on the environment and is mostly used in the upholstery industry.

do you have a vegetarian alternative?

The straight answer is no - that would have to be a man-made leatherette, which is something I do not use, as it does not have the durability of real leather.

How ecological is your leather?

As ecological as it can be. The dyes I use are mostly water-based eco-friendly dyes. The leather is veg-tanned, the process used to tan this leather uses natural products. I do not use Chromium leather as this uses lots of eco-harming chemicals - chrome in the main. I also try and ensure that other products I use to finish the leather, such as waxes eco-friendly too.