Journal Covers

Deciding which model range suits your needs can be a challenge. To help you, they are categorised beneath. Click on a thumbnail image to be taken to the next step.

with Wallet

The perfect EveryDay Carry. Room for 4 to 6 notebooks, card pockets and Secretarial pockets. Bevelled and burnished edges.


with Pockets

Choose from 3 different types of full-height pockets. One pocket or two? Mix and match to suit your self.


without Pockets

Don't want wallet or pockets? This is for you - travel light with just notebooks and pen, safely wrapped in wonderful leather!


If you are a fan of thicker hard-back notebooks, these are just what you need to slot those covers into - a nice leather cover!


Already have a cover, but want to expand it's card or pocket capacity? Maybe you want a coin or key purse? These inserts cater for most needs.

Starter Sets

If you are new to journalling or perhaps want to gift a journal to someone, these are often the best picks. Included with each cover are 4 handmade, hand bound notebooks.