The MAGPIE is handmade from the finest eco-friendly materials (approx 1.4mm leather) in the colours of your choice.

The design includes a hand-sewn card wallet section and a full-height rear purse, secured with quality snaps.

The edges are dyed and sealed. Choose you thread and elastic colours to accompany this totally hand-made cover.

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The MAGPIE Traveller's Journal Insert is designed to fit underneath the suspension elastics of your Meadowgate Leather TN. It would fit on any of my TNs, as long as you select the same size Magpie as the TN you already have. The Magpie may fit TNs from other makers, but I cannot guarantee this - and this would be at your risk. The Magpie has credit size card pockets to one side (the Magpie will work either way round incidentally) and a purse or phone or key pouch on the opposite side. There are two holes in the centre so you can re-thread your TN's closure elastics through and re-tie inside the Magpie. There is a small cutout top and bottom of the spine to ensure the Magpie fits under the elastics nicely without any deformation. The Magpie means that you can upgrade your pocket-less and wallet-less TN in a flash, or perhaps just add more capacity to your Snowbell, Acorn or Catkin. The Magpie is constructed of vegetable tanned leather (approx 1.2mm-1.4mm), making it very flexible and lightweight. The leather used is, of course, real, genuine full-grain, the most sought after section of leather. Before I can construct your Magpie, the leather has to be dyed, as undyed it is usually a creamy-white. The dying process is again, a manual process. Every Magpie will have first been buffed, then given a coat of Neatsfoot oil to maintain it’s condition, before the dye is rubbed into the leather. Every piece I make will look a little different to all it’s predecessors, which is the joy of veg tanned leather. Please read more about this at the bottom of this listing. The wallet sections and purse sizes will obviously vary, dependent on which size Magpie you buy. For example, the A5 wallet will have two rows of three card pockets and a full height pocket and it's purse section will be deep whereas other sizes can only accommodate smaller purse sizes and will have less card pockets. It is hand-crafted, from the finest eco-friendly materials, to your own specifications. As with all my products, no sewing machines are used, no electric cutters or stamping machines are used, just plain old muscle power, skill and knowledge. All of the dyes used are low VOC environmentally-friendly, which are genuinely appreciated by the conscientious planet-aware consumer. * I may use a slightly different leather dependent on the colour you choose, as some leathers seem to take blues/greens/yellows much better than others, just so you are aware if you order two (I should be so lucky ;-)) ) they will be made from the best leather for the colour chosen. PLEASE NOTE: To avoid any confusion: The Magpie is not able to hold notebooks on it's own. It is an insert to be fitted to a notebook cover / TN.

  1. Sizes: Passport, Pocket, A6, Personal, B6, Regular, A5. Check your size.
  2. Colour: Available in all dye colours as shown on the colour chart
  3. Edge Finish: Dyed, and sealed.

Wow, this is amazing, looks really good, and can only improve as the leather ages.

Really beautiful, and true craftsmanship - I look forward to using this for years to come.

Love this wallet insert! Fits around 2-3 B6 printables perfectly! Can’t wait to see how this undyed leather ages - thank you!

Fits perfect with the new TN I purchased from Mike. His work is flawless and love his leathers!

Excellent work, fantastic leather, love it!

By default: The size and colour of your choice. the inside (rough side) of your Magpie will be undyed. Exterior finished with polish.
Leather edges: dyed with complimentary colour and sealed.
Horizontal Wallet Section on the Inside Front Cover. (Vertical not available on this item)
Purse on the Inside Back Cover
No pen loop.
Thread colours chosen by me, unless let me know your choice.