The ACORN is handmade from the finest eco-friendly materials (approx 3mm leather) in the colours of your choice.

The design includes a hand-sewn full-height pocket. Choose whether to have this pocket fitted inside front or rear.

The edges are dyed and sealed. Choose the thread and elastic colours to accompany this totally hand-made cover.

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The ACORN provides all the benefits and robustness of the OAK along with a secretarial pocket, stitched either to the Inside Back Cover or the Inside Front Cover (your choice), which can be filled with all those important little pieces of paper you have nowhere else for. The pocket has been carefully cut and dyed by hand and hand-stitched onto the cover with the best waxed-polyester thread. You can even specify the shape of the pocket (see photo of choices available above).  The cover and the pocket are available in a wide variety of colours.  As with my other ranges, you are able to specify a multitude of options to personalise your journal cover. It is hand-crafted, from the finest eco-friendly vegetable tanned leathers. The leather used is real genuine full-grain, the most sought after section of leather. Most of the dyes used are low VOC environmentally-friendly, which are genuinely appreciated by the conscientious planet-aware consumer. The waxes used to provide a top level protection to the item are also natural materials. Not only is it a strong and long-lasting journal cover, it also looks and feels superb - on the inside, as well as the outside. All the journal covers, no matter which size you pick will come with 4 ELASTICS INSIDE, with a SPINE MOUNTED ELASTIC CLOSURE. Extra elastic will be enclosed so that if you want to loop in extra refills you may do so with the same colour. Note that with the Acorn, the stitching will only run as far as the pocket requires, not all round the perimeter.

  1. Sizes: A7, Passport, Pocket, A6, Personal, B6 (ISO&JIS), Regular, Cahier, Slim, A5, B5. Check your size.
  2. Colour: Available in all dye colours as shown on the colour chart
  3. Elastics: 4 Suspension elastics, 1 Closure loop.
  4. Edge Finish: Dyed and varnished.

Perfect. I love this. Mike is truly a professional, and takes pride in is work. Thank you Mike for my new tn.

Craftsmanship that is truly rare. Thank you so much, Mike, for putting your artistry and heart into my journal.

I absolutely love my first Traveller's Notebook. I got a violet one and the colour, stitching and smell is amazing! It arrived less than two weeks after I ordered it, which I was very impressed with. Thank you so much Mike :-)

Gorgeous and very well made! This is better than expected! The leather thickness is substantial, stitching secure, and has the features and capacity for heavy and frequent use. Communication regarding customization was super easy and time from order to reception was minimal. Really couldn’t be more pleased.

Madly in love with my A5 size Turquoise with no pen loop. The fake slots I asked for are PERFECT (and perfectly spaced, I might add!) and the pocket is great. The one-of-a-kind look is stunning...I can't stop staring at it, even a week or so later! Thank you for being such a pleasure to work with, Mike!

So what will my Default Cover look like?:  The Cover the size and colour of your choice (also dyed inside). Exterior finished with polish.
Secretarial Pocket stitched to Inside rear Cover (dyed to same colour as cover).
Leather edges dyed with complimentary colour and sealed.
No pen loop. 
Maker's Stamp on the back cover. 
Standard overhang. 
No name tag.
4 suspension elastics and 1 closure elastic loop.
Elastic colours chosen by me. If that doesn't suit, you'll need to let me know your choice.