Twin Catkin

The TWIN CATKIN is handmade from the finest eco-friendly materials  (approx 2mm leather) with a choice of over twenty colours.

Each Twin Catkin comes complete with a pocket inside the front and rear covers.

The edges are entirely hand-stitched. Choose your thread and elastic colours to accompany this totally hand-made cover.

Also available as a folio.

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How could a WILLOW or a CATKIN Notebook get any better? Make it a TWIN CATKIN!  Instead of just the one pocket of the Catkin, the Twin Catkin has customisable pockets in both the Front and the Back! It also comes with all-round EDGE-STITCHING as standard! The stitching is all by hand, stitch by stitch, the old way – no machines involved, just hand, eye, needle and thread. The Twin Catkin retains all the properties of the Willow and the Catkin – the same leather, the dyed and burnished edges, the wide selection of dyes which will be applied, by hand to both the outside and the inside of your cover (just let me know if you want the inside left natural) The pockets will have been carefully cut and dyed by hand and hand-stitched onto the cover with the best waxed-polyester thread. You can even specify the shape of the pocket (see photo of choices available above).  The cover and the pocket are available in a wide variety of colours.  As with my other ranges, you are able to specify a multitude of options to personalise your journal cover. It is hand-crafted, from the finest eco-friendly vegetable tanned leathers. The leather used is real genuine full-grain, the most sought after section of leather. Most of the dyes used are low VOC environmentally-friendly, which are genuinely appreciated by the conscientious planet-aware consumer. The waxes used to provide a top level protection to the item are also natural materials. All the journal covers, no matter which size you pick will come with 4 ELASTICS INSIDE, with a SPINE MOUNTED ELASTIC CLOSURE. Extra elastic will be enclosed so that if you want to loop in extra refills you may do so with the same colour.

There are threee choices of rear pocket: Secretarial, Boarding Pass or Straight. Feel free to mix and match!

  1. Sizes: A7, Passport, Pocket, A6, Personal, B6 (ISO&JIS), Regular, Cahier, Slim, A5, B5. Check your size.
  2. Colour: Available in all dye colours as shown on the colour chart
  3. Elastics: 4 Suspension elastics, 1 Closure loop.
  4. Edge Finish: Dyed and varnished.

Just to echo my previous reviews and the countless others praising Mike's work. He truly is a master at what he does and I am( for the 3rd time) delighted with my leather TN. The stitching is absolutely perfect as always and the quality and workmanship that goes into each item is amazing. The only downside is, you will want more! =)

I am so very happy with my recent purchase. Mike did a fantastic job, could not be more pleased. Thank you Mike for the perfect TN.

Love this custom Traveler Notebook. Mike never disappoints me, it was exactly as requested and now my perfect everyday carry for my Bullet Journal

Absolutely stunning work from Mike. Lovely leather and so happy with the customisations. Would recommend without hesitation.

Top quality and perfect cover for my bullet journal. Thank you for sharing your craftmanship.

So what will my Default Cover look like?: (See also the photo above.) The Cover the size and colour of your choice (also dyed inside). Exterior finished with polish. Secretarial Pocket stitched to both Inside Front Cover and Inside Back Cover (dyed to same colour as cover). Perimeter of Cover fully stitched by hand in a complimentary colour Leather edges dyed with complimentary colour and sealed. No pen loop. Logo Stamp on the back cover. Standard overhang. No name tag. 4 suspension elastics and a closure elastic loop. Elastic colours chosen by me. If that doesn't suit, you'll need to let me know your choice.