The WILLOW is handmade from the finest eco-friendly materials (approx 2mm leather) in the colour of your choice.

The edges are dyed and sealed. Choose the elastic colours to accompany this totally hand-made cover.

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The WILLOW Traveller's Notebooks range is flexible, resilient and lightweight. It will protect your journal when closed and provide an open level surface when you need to write. The design of the Willow is very similar to the Oak range, but instead of being made of very thick leather, the Willow cover is made from medium thickness vegetable tanned leather (approx 1.8mm-2.4mm), meaning that it has so many of the qualities of my other notebook covers, but by design is able to be much more flexible. The leather used is, of course, real, genuine full-grain, the most sought after section of leather.  Before I can construct your TN, the leather has to be dyed, as undyed it is usually a creamy-white. The dying process is again, a manual process. Every TN will have first been buffed, then given a coat of Neatsfoot oil to maintain it’s condition, before the dye is rubbed into the leather. Every piece I make will look a little different to all it’s predecessors, which is the joy of veg tanned leather. Please read more about this at the bottom of this listing. It is hand-crafted, from the finest eco-friendly materials, to your own specifications. As with all my products, no sewing machines are used, no electric cutters or stamping machines are used, just plain old muscle power, skill and knowledge. All of the dyes used are low VOC environmentally-friendly, which are genuinely appreciated by the conscientious planet-aware consumer.  All the journal covers, no matter which size you pick will come with 4 ELASTICS INSIDE, with a SPINE MOUNTED ELASTIC CLOSURE. Extra elastic will be enclosed so that if you want to add extra refills you may do so with the same colour. * I may use a slightly different leather dependent on the colour you choose, as some leathers seem to take blues/greens/yellows much better than others, just so you are aware if you order two (I should be so lucky ;-)) ) they will be made from the best leather for the colour chosen.

  1. Sizes: A7, Passport, Pocket, A6, Personal, B6 (ISO&JIS), Regular, Cahier, Slim, A5, B5. Check your size.
  2. Colour: Available in all dye colours as shown on the colour chart
  3. Elastics: 4 Suspension elastics, 1 Closure loop.
  4. Edge Finish: Dyed and varnished.

Absolutely perfect item, superb quality, very happy

Mike makes beautiful items and takes real care to create an item you are happy with. My planner is this beautiful colour and all the extra little touches make it really special. I would definitely buy from him again.

magnifique piece pour ranger les petits insert midori; belle finition, emballage soigné, conforme à la description; parfait

I got this as a present for my mom who's a journaling fanatic and she LOVES it! She was blown away by the great quality and beautiful finish, and was very appreciative that we were able to customize colors and sizes to her preferences. Mike was super helpful and accommodating with all our requests and questions and made the entire experience a great one!

Really lovely leather- beautiful vibrant colour - perfect and a great price - thanks

So what will my Default Cover look like?: The Cover the size and colour of your choice (also dyed inside). Exterior finished with polish. Leather edges dyed with complimentary colour and sealed. No pen loop. Maker's Stamp on the back cover. Standard overhang. No name tag. 4 suspension elastics and 1 closure elastic loop. Elastic colours chosen by me. If that doesn't suit, you'll need to let me know your choice.