Journal Covers without Pockets

There is a wide choice of leathers in this category. These are ideal if you do not need lots of permanent pockets or wallets. Can be used in conjuction with one of the Inserts.


Available in the widest range of colours and sizes.

Constructed from a fairly thick and robust vegetable tanned leather which should last a lifetime.

By default, the inside is dyed the same as the outside, but you can always ask for it to be undyed if you prefer.

As with all the covers, the width, or 'overhang' can be specified, in case you need extra room inside.


All the choice of the Oak cover, but made with a thinner, more flexible leather.

Being full-grain leather, the beautiful markings of the anilmals hides will often show through the dyed finish to these covers. The veins and ripples can make the most attractive effects.

All the covers come with 4 suspension elastics, but more, or less can be specified when required.

Remember - these are all hand cut and hand-dyed, so each one will be unique.


This dark brown leather has very attractive 'pull-up' quality.

The leather is very supple and 'bendy' and reveals the outcome of all it's knocks and buffeting, giving it a beautiful worn look.

If you need to, you can often bring it back to near new condition by applying some leather balsam. Then start all over again, gathering a whole new patina!

This leather cover is also available as a Starter Set and a Folio.


As the name suggests, this is a true black leather.

The leather is smooth and supple, yet not particularly 'floppy'.

The inner surface also has a lovely smooth black finish, making it the perfect 'little black book'.

If you need a little colour added, try a constrasting elastic set or purchase the edge-stitching add-on option.


Based upon the Oak, it uses the same sturdy thick leather.

The interior however is lined with a beautiful piece of pigskin.

The edge is hand stitched the entire perimeter.

So many colours to choose from!