Journal Covers with Pockets

The basic choice here is: Do you want one pocket or two?



The Catkin is made from a light-medium weight leather, so it won't make a noticeable difference in your bag.

Available in over 20 colours

Choose from 3 pocket styles

The single pocket can be IFC or at the rear.

Stitched around the edge of the pocket extent.


The Acorn is a relative of the Oak cover, so inherits it's rugged characteristics

As with the Catkin, choose from 3 pocket designs and position.

Leather dye, thread and elastics colours are yours to choose!

Stitched around the edge of the pocket extent.



Twin Catkin

The Twin Catkin is in the sister of the Catkin - same characteristics, but two pockets.

Edge stitching around the entire perimeter, by hand is standard

Choice of the hand-dyed colours on the chart.

Can be used as a folio to fit hardback notebook inside pockets.

Double Acorn

The Double Acorn uses the heavier leather cover of the Oak but with 2 internal pockets, creates a durable cover with lots of storage.

Choose the colours and the pocket shapes to suit your needs

The Double Acorn is also often used as a folio.