Your journal cover will, as default be constructed with 4 elastics for suspending your notebooks from. This means there will be 3 holes at the top and bottom of the spine to thread the elastics through. Your cover will also come with a closure loop which is tied within two holes in the centre of the spine.

You may wish to deviate from the standard and have either more or less elastics. I can usually happily accomodate you if you let me know when you order, or if you are in doubt, just ask me before you decide to order. I can fit any number that is reasonable. I have been asked for 1 string - which needs a different alignment of holes to do that, but even numbers are easy. So, 2, 4, 6 suspension strings can easily be added for you.

If you are having more than the standard 4 elastics, I would advise you to also go for the Ultra or even Extreme width, as you will obviously have more books in your cover and the more you have, the closer the notebooks edges get to the edge of the leather cover.

If you have a standard 4 elastics but want to expand the capacity, you can 'loop-in' a couple of notebooks. I send you some extra elastic with the journal cover so you may repair elastic that is worn or loose or borken, but you can also tie a piece into a loop, pass it beneath one of the installed elastics and then load two notebooks onto this loop thus increasing your notebooks capacity.

I have a large variety of elastic available. They are all nominally 2mm diameter elastics. I have hunted far and wide for good quality elastic and am fairly satisfied I have found the best I could.

If you want to change the colour of your elastics or you need enough to do a full repair, I sell lengths of elastic on Etsy.

See the photo below for the range of colours I have on offer.