Maker's Mark

This is the mark that I stamp on the rear of my covers. On the leather, it is approximately 2cm in diameter.

If you would rather not have the stamp on your cover, do let me know when you order.

Maker's marks have been used for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Roman sword makers used to leave a mark on their products and English bakers from the 13th century had to, by law, make a recognisable mark on every loaf.

You may be interested to know how the Meadowgate Leather logo appears on the leather?

The stamp itself is made of magnesium. I luckily have a very local company to me who manufactured the stamp block from a digital image of the logo. The magnesium block was cut out and mounted on a solid disc backing.

When I need to stamp, the leather cover is placed in an old Victorian book press along with the logo stamp and pressure applied by winding the press down.

Different types of leather accept the stamp better than others. I have to be careful not to apply too much pressure that the stamp goes through the leather!

The logo will usually be stamped on the lower left corner of the outer rear cover. I can also place it on an interior pocket if preferred. On pieces such as the Magpie Insert, I place the logo under the purse flap.