Pen Loop

The humble pen loop seems a very innocent object to have a web page all to it's self, but there is so much more to one of these than meets the eye!
The Meadowgate Leather pen loop is a FREE option on most journal covers.
It is usually made from kip leather and dyed to match the cover. The leather is quite flexible and can be stretched slightly and it bends quite easily.
The Pen Loop is attached to the cover by stitching - the upper and lower edges are usually double-stitched for extra security.
There are 24 options to fitting a pen loop.
There are 3 sizes. I have estimated the size of pen that should fit in each, but it's not 100% accurate, so do be aware that you may need a bigger loop if your pen diameter is one the cusp of the next size up.
SMALL: maximum pen diameter of 8mm
MEDIUM: maximum pen diameter of 14mm
LARGE: maximum pen diameter of 18mm

There are 4 positions I offer to place the loop in: 3/4 up front cover
Midway up front cover
3/4 up rear cover
Midway up rear cover

Once you have decided on the size and position, I also offer the choice of facing out or facing in. Facing out may make it easier to take out the pen, but it can then get in the way.
Facing in, usually mean it will rest against the paper notebooks in the cover, but with pen fitted, the loop will flip up and out, coming to rest on the edge of the notebooks.

Maybe the midway, facing out position is not the best, as it makes the closure elastic settle away from the horizontal. (see the photo of the Evening Blue/Yellow thread & elastic.) Of course, if you ask me to, I will make it this way for you.

 Facing inwards doesn't cause this problem.