Wallet Section

As you can see from the photo, there are two basic card wallet designs for the journal covers:

The Horizontal has the card withdrawing from the pockets towards the spine of the cover.

The Vertical sees them withdrawn towards the top of the cover.

More often than not there is more room to fit more card pockets in the vertical wallet, but this does result in a slightly thicker feeling wallet.

As you can see from the photos, the larger covers (Regular, Cahier, A5 etc) are able to take even more cards than the smaller covers. An A5 will fit 6 pockets horizontally. A Regular with standard width/overhang would fit 3. My working on this is that if the back pocket of the wallet section comes to within 3cm of the middle suspension hole, there is no room to place another row of pockets as it woud be impractical to use.

The wallets are stitched by hand with saddle-stitching using the same colour thread as used for the rest of the cover.

There will aways be a full-height straight pocket behind the wallet section