Extra Card Pockets

If you are not buying a cover with a full card wallet included, such as the Snowbell, you may wish to include one or maybe two card pockets.

I can stitch these to almost anywhere on a cover, but the favourite positions are on the bottom of internal pockets or on the lower right-hand corner of the front cover. You will see from the photos how they fit.

In general these do look better if fitted to a cover which will have internal pockets. Covers like this include: Double Acorn, Twin Catkin, Acorn and the Catkin.

I can of course stitch them to any cover I make, but be aware that if you ask for it to be placed on a cover without any internal pockets, there will be a line of stitching showing on the opposite side. So if you asked for it on the inside of the front cover of an Oak, there would be a line of stitches on the outside front cover!

The pockets will be made to fit the width of the internal pocket, they will by default have a thumb hole cut for easy access to your card. If you would prefer the pocket cut straight across, just let me know when ordering.

The card pocket will be made from the same leather as the internal pocket and will be dyed the same colour as the internal pockets.