Stitching Add-Ons

Some of the Meadowgate Leather covers come complete with full perimeter stitching included within the price. At the time of writing these are: Twin Catkin, Double Acorn, the Snowbell and the Dark Forest Folio.
A few come with partial perimeter stitching, such as the Acorn and the Catkin.
Others have no stitching at all - check the 'Default settings photo' to see if your choice of cover comes with stitching included.

All is not lost if you for example want an Oak but also want edge stitching. By adding the Stitching Add-on item to your basket you can have either edge stitching or spine stitching or indeed, both!

Many of the covers from other manufacturers are machine stitched, which is faster but the stitches are not as strong or decorative. Everything I make is hand-stitched, which as you can imagine, takes far more time than a machine.

The hand stitching process is called Saddle-stitching and is the same method used to make leather horse saddles.

Before stitching can take place, the lines need marking and then stitch holes punching through with a special tool called and stitching chisel.

It uses two needles - one locked onto the thread at each end. When the needles pass each other in the hole, they tie a knot in the thread. This means that even if the thread were cut at any point, the line of stitching would stay together, whereas with machine stitching it would all unravel.

When the stitching is complete, the ends are cut and then melted into the stitch line.